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July 29, 2014 / Posted in General
Preferred Freezer San Leandro

Barnum and Celillo Electric Inc. recently completed Preferred Freezer Services distribution warehouse in San Leandro California. The construction project began in October, 2013 on a 15 acre former lumber site and was completed June 16th 2014. This new 250,000 square foot facility has 15 million cubic feet of storage capacity, an oversized truck yard space, 23 dock doors with levelers and a customer favorite Preferred Freezer Services online information system. The cold storage warehouse offers 3 different temperature zones providing cold chain distributors the opportunity to store a wide range of products under one roof. The temperature compartments include a cooler at 34°F to 38°F degrees, a freezer at 0°F, and a low-temperature freezer at -20°F capable of handling ice cream.

Interesting Facts:

Staying with Preferred Freezers Goal to Exceed ASHRA the lighting design did even better by exceeding the California Energy Commissions Title 24 Thresholds.

  • By using Interior LED Lighting the project achieved a total reduction of 60% below CEC Title 24.
  • By using 100% Exterior LED Lighting the project achieved a total reduction of 80% below CEC Title 24.
  • Facility has a 1,000kW Diesel Generator to backup interior lighting, office power and refrigeration equipment.
  • Installed over 10 miles of electrical conductors and control cabling.
  • Poured in excess of 18,000 cubic yards of concrete poured in 9 months.
  • Installed over 6 miles of Refrigeration Glycol Piping.

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