Pre-Fab Division

You might ask “Why does BCE have a Pre-Fab Division and how does it benefit MY firm, MY client, MY project and MY schedule?”

BCE started our Pre-Fab Division roughly 10 years ago with the idea that this division would provide our client with another level of efficiency. Products are assembled long before they are needed to be on-site, which reduces the on-site labor required to complete the project.

Our Pre-Fab Division has given BCE the ability to decrease project costs and time requirements without sacrificing the high quality and consistency of our installation.

The following is a sampling of our Pre-Fab products:

  • Above slab conduit bending over 1-1/2”
  • Transformer and panels line and load terminations
  • Specialty conduit racking (trapeze, conduit support system, etc.)
  • Branch wiring
  • Junction boxes
  • Electrical devices
  • Light fixture pre-wiring
  • Custom welding
  • Temporary power skids
  • Equipment bollards
  • Concrete forms
  • Rebar / reinforcement steel
  • Custom painting

In our nearly 9,000 square foot Pre-Fab Division Shop, we can assemble, build or customize just about anything your project needs, which will save you time and money.

Additional Services:
Project Management
Solar & Wind
Lighting Maintenance
LED Retrofits
Service & Maintenance
Special Projects

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