Craig Boyce

Brown, Fink, Boyce & Astle, LLP

August 1, 2013

“BFBA, LLP has provided accounting and consulting services to BCE for approximately 15 years. During this time we have worked very closely with Fred Barnum and much of his senior management. We have learned that many companies can perform well in a growing and dynamic economy. However, it is when things get tough that the true character of a company and its owner are revealed. During these last six years when the construction industry has been hard hit we have seen in Fred and his team a sense of purpose and direction and a commitment to integrity and excellence. BCE has not only survived this difficult economy but has thrived and expanded into new markets and services.

Fred has fostered within his company a culture of team work and cooperation as well as a sense of commitment to customers which has made BCE one of the area’s top performing companies.

In addition to being a highly successful businessman, as we have Participated in the Christmas Promise Organization with BCE, we have seen in Fred a true sense of devotion and a sincere caring for some of the areas less fortunate families. Fred has certainly put his time and money where his mouth is.

That is our testimonial Fred and we are sticking to it.
Craig, Myles and others who know and respect you here at BFBA”

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