LED Lighting Upgrade

August 13, 2014 / Posted in General
LED Ltg Retrofit

Barnum and Celillo Electric and Buzz Oates Companies are ushering in the new age of energy efficiency by performing LED lighting upgrades throughout northern California. In the past month and a half, the team has converted multiple properties from high pressure sodium and metal halide exterior lighting to new high efficiency LED lighting. This simple upgrade has reduced Buzz Oates’ energy consumption by approximately 70% for their exterior lighting. Not only do these LEDs reduce energy costs, but nearly eliminate their ongoing lighting maintenance expenses due to the 20 year LED life expectancy. BCE was responsible for the selection and procurement of the new LED fixtures, coordination of the retrofits with local inspection agencies, permits, professional installation, lamp and ballast recycling and all documentation with the utility companies to ensure Buzz Oates received the maximum available rebates. This phase of the total project consisted of the installation of 670 LED light fixtures. The light fixtures were installed at 59 different property locations ranging from Stockton, Tracy, Vacaville and the Greater Sacramento Region. After BCE received all required approvals, the BCE team completed this upgrade in less than 45 days to meet the Utility Companies’ rebate program deadline. By converting to LED lighting, Buzz Oates is doing their part to reduce California’s overall energy use and help achieve the goal of a self-sustaining Golden State while minimizing their building portfolio Carbon Footprint.

Our clients thoughts on the upgrade:

I would like to thank BCE for all the help with getting 14 exterior lighting retrofits completed within my portfolio this year! Although the process was long and very involved, it went as smoothly as one could go, and BCE was there with me every step of the way. Once we decided to go for it in October last year, BCE was instrumental in providing the detailed calculation sheets, fixture spec sheets and proposals very quickly, and when it became clear that there was an even better product on the market that would essentially double our warranty periods, BCE was extremely helpful in getting those changes made before ordering. In addition, I sincerely appreciate all the time BCE took in working so closely with both SMUD and PG&E on my behalf, even coming down to our office to meet directly with SMUD to make sure the best rebate program was selected and we were all on the same page. BCE’s input was invaluable!!

Thank you for everything and I look forward to working with you again on the next 8 retrofits planned for 2015!

Dayna Palmer | Property Manager
Buzz Oates Management Services

BCE did a great job completing over thirty exterior lighting retrofits throughout my portfolio. My new lights not only look great but immediately have begun producing cost savings in our energy usage. The entire process was great from beginning to end with BCE assisting in all aspects from lighting selections, cost analysis, assisting with the rebate paperwork and requirements. Kudos to the BCE team and thanks for making this project run so smoothly!

Lesa Stewart | Property Manager
Buzz Oates Management Services



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