Advanced Energy Solutions: Solar and Wind

Advanced Energy Solutions

Barnum & Celillo Electric, Inc. is dedicated to assisting our existing and future clients achieve aggressive energy conservation, efficiency, and use of alternative energy sources. We can offer the right size solar system so that your facilities operate as efficiently as possible. Our goal is to help stabilize facility operation costs over the long haul through control of energy consumption. We design, promote, construct and install all of our installations. Additionally, we act as consultants so our clients get the best technology for their particular application.

The sun is our world’s most plentiful energy resource and presents the greatest opportunity for meeting the power needs of the human race in a clean and renewable way. The sun shines brightest when energy is needed most and it can be predicted with some regularity. We use the most efficient technologies available in the marketplace to maximize the system performance.

Barnum & Celillo Electric, Inc. has the capability to be your complete system integrator. We will handle all of the applications for your state incentives and building permitting. During preliminary discussions, we will determine the best site location for the solar system. There are three main choices to consider; ground mounted, building rack mounted, or building integrated. If the roof is structurally strong enough, conventional Si PV cells could be installed. If not, lighter thin film PV cells can be installed.

Because of our extensive experience in commercial electrical construction from conception to completion, we excel at system optimization and integration. The design and execution of the electricity delivery system from the solar system to the utility integration is critical and what we do best. Let us show you how to save money on your energy consumption. Contact for more information.

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